You can hear drunkards in the strees chanting Irish folk songs? The peaty scent of whiskey is crawling up your nose? All the maidens wear their best gowns? Be sure, the County Whiskey Folk Punk Crew is near. So you better lock your liquors and hold back your daughters cause the Rats are back in town!Formerly known as “COMMERZPANK”, THE DISTILLERY RATS are celebrating their own interpretation of Irish folk punk since the year of 2005. Sometimes kickass, sometimes sentimental, but always ready for the best party of your life. Their songs cover a huge range of topics. While singing about whiskey, beer, porter or even cider, they have some drinking songs as well.
Since the beginning as a 4-man-combo in 2005, THE DISTILLERY RATS played a large bunch of shows in clubs, pubs and on festivals. Not only the live experience, also the sheer number of musicians increased rapidly. Today, the band has two singers, guitars, drums and bass and the folk fraction features banjos, mandolin, accordion, piano, bouzouki, whistles and uilleann pipes.
While having played a lot of gigs, the rats have been rather lazy concerning music recording. The only release so far is the 5-track-EP “BACK ON THE ROAD” from 2010 that is already sold out by now. But don’t worry: THE DISTILLERY RATS entered the studio again and will be back with a full lenght album some day in 2017.